The Rush Series: Mastering the Devil - Part Four

Release Date: 17-Jul-2014

Alex Masters was the strong silent type. With his Nordic good looks, confidence, and Southern charm, women were never a problem for him... until he met her. Now, even five years later, the one woman he wanted, kept slipping through his fingers. 

Devon Montanez was a woman on a mission - she needed to find her mother, and avenge the death of her father. Alex Masters was a treat she indulged in whenever she could, but like most things decadent, she only allowed herself small doses. Alex made her forget her purpose, and she couldn't afford that. 

Things come to a head, when forces - like the winds of a hurricane - begin to toss them together over and over again. These same forces threaten, not only their love, but their very lives. 

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The Rush Series: Mastering the Devil - Part Four
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