The Rush Series: Master of the Game – Part Three

Release Date: 27-Dec-2013

He was her complex opposite. He was strong while she felt weak. He was confident while she felt insecure. He was aggressive and obviously went for what he wanted, while she was hesitant and felt restrained.

He felt safe… he made her feel secure… wanted in a world she didn’t feel particularly wanted in at the moment. 

Devon Montanez is running away from trouble. From the moment Alex Masters sits down across from her, she feels drawn to him – drawn to his strength, his safety, his passion… He made her want things she couldn’t possibly have.

For some, the road always leads to Rome, for Alex Masters, it leads to Mexico.

When he’s asked to return there yet once again, old memories and desires are raised that refuse to be forgotten.

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The Rush Series: Master of the Game – Part Three
What people are saying about this book

"Master of the Game was filled so many emotions, it was also filled with action,hot and erotic scenes that kept you glued to the pages. I enjoyed reading Master of the Game and I am looking forward to reading Mastering the Devil"

~ Amazon reviewer, Kimberly W

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