New Release! Mastering the Devil


Mastering the Devil picks up five years after Master of the Game ended. It’d been five years since Alex had left not only Mexico, but his job with the CIA… and Devon. He’d not missed the place or the job, but Devon on the hand, had continued to haunt him. After much consideration, Alex decides to let sleeping dogs lie and not contact Devon again… at least that was his plan. When he’s forced once again to return to Mexico, he’d barely put his feet on the ground when a call has him rushing to her side. As he’d done numerous times in the past, he begs her to let the tragedies of the past go and move on with her life. But once again, she can’t let it go.

Devon loves Alex… had always loved him. For her, there could never be another. The fact that he refused to understand the force that drove her to find the man who not only killed her father, but had kidnapped her mother, casted a huge cloud over her life. But how could she live with herself if she didn’t do everything in her power to save her mother? It’d been a frustrating five years for her. She’d find what she’d think would be solid leads to her mother location, then like a puff of smoke, she’d disappear again. Her partner in the International Drug Enforcement Agency (IDEA), Cash Devlin, helps keep her on track and covers her back when needed. As Devon gets closer to finding her mother, forces around her begin closing in to stop her.

While trying to ensure Devon doesn’t get herself killed, Alex struggles with his own purpose in being in Mexico. As he slowly begins to put the pieces together in his own drama, he slowly begins to realize that what he’s involved in, slowly laps back to Devon. Is it possible that their two very different situations are being manipulated by the same person? 

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