Blood Haze


Lynx Rogan has his own scarred past and finds it easier and better if he takes what he wants from women and then discards them.

Blood Haze

Blood Haze is a story about Arabella Marks, who’d had a difficult past which surrounded her mother’s ability to see past and future events; a true seerer. For her and their family, it’d been a blessing and a curse! During the course of growing up, Arabella had seen the true nature of people emerge when her mother would reveal what she’d seen about the secret parts of their lives. As a teenager when Arabella herself began to see what she termed as ‘glimpsings’, she’d originally thought she’d been losing her mind. She didn’t have the full visions like her mother, but only snatches of things. Usually, they’d made no sense and were discombobulated. She’d learnt from her mother to keep these little snatches of things to herself and she guards the glimpsings closely – a secret known by only a few.

Arabella met a Drew Larkin while they were sharing animal crackers in kindergarten and they’d remained best friends ever since. They’d begun dating in high school and remained together throughout college and beyond. He’d stuck by her side through the torment distributed by the folks in town who’d viewed her mother as a threat, a witch, or as evil incarnate. He’d been by her side when her own glimpsing began… when her father committed suicide…. and then when her mother was mugged and killed. He’d held her hand, her heart, and her life within his palms for as long as she could remember.

Her world begins to come unsettled when she begins to feel Drew pull away from her. He’d been such a steadfast fixture in her life for so long, she fears a life without him in it. An accident involving those she loves further rocks her world.

During this stretch of rocky road, another emerges: Lynx Rogan. Lynx with his South African accent and savage good looks, who stirs her with just a look. She finds herself inexplicitly drawn to him… pulled to him… wanting him. That she’d seen him in her dreams further throws her off balance. And while she is determined to avoid him, fate keeps finding ways to bring them together.

Lynx Rogan has his own scarred past and finds it easier and better if he takes what he wants from women and then discards them. But Arabella Marks, with her vulnerable blue eyes and pure heart, begs him to rethink that decision. And while he can see that Arabella has a secret, he doesn’t force the issue as he has his own… he’s a vampire.

Their worlds come together when Arabella suffers a tragic loss. Lynx’s desire for her overcomes his need to protect his heart and slowly she begins to work her way in. He is adamant that what they will share will have strict boundaries. She struggles in understanding the boundaries and even though she knows it’s against the rules, she falls in love with him.  After she is attacked a second time by another vampire, Lynx begins to realize that his feelings are deeper than he is comfortable with.

As they both struggle to deal with the parameters of their relationship, will the love they share be strong to keep them together or will the obstacles they face, tear them apart?

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