Wow! I can hardly believe summer is almost over! Where has the year gone? Kids heading back to school, and once again we are mumbling under our breaths when we are caught behind those yellow school buses.Football stadiums across the country will soon be filled once more with the smell of popcorn and hotdogs, the sounds of cheering, and the music and majesty of the marching band will take the place of the beach and family vacations.

After many months in the works, I was happy to finally release my latest book, the fourth in the Rush series, Mastering the Devil. As the book's release date was delayed, I received numerous inquiries regarding its release. As an author, I do strive to ensure my books are released in a timely manner; however, sometimes life intervenes.

What does it take to produce a book, you might ask? Well, in a word-time... well time and imagination, of course, lol. When writing a book in a series, especially one following a cliffhanger, there's a delicate balance between rehashing the information already disclosed in the previous book and providing enough information to remind the reader of the ongoing situation.

In a series, attention to detail is paramount. For example, when I wrote Rush of Redemption, book 2 in the Rush series, I said Rush's eyes were ice blue, while in the first book, I said hazel...Opps! I decided then, not to depend on my aging memory on things like that, and have since begun writing down those type of details on index cards. There is truth in the saying... the pen never forgets.

Most people assume creative people- specifically writers- have to be in the mood to create and weave a story. For some that may be the case, but for most writers, it takes time and a dogmatic attitude. It takes writing everyday- whether you're in the mood or not, lol. While ideas might be born; stories are crafted through continuous diligence.

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