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What buttons would have to be pushed to make a person intentionally hurt another for their own end?

Rush of Innocence

Rush of Innocence is by far my best seller. My original concept for Rush came from the thought… what would make a person break the rules?  What would cause a person to set aside their beliefs or principles? What buttons would have to be pushed to make a person intentionally hurt another for their own end? Those thoughts metamorphosed into what is now the Rush series.

My concept for Trinity Grace was of a person who had several different forces pushing against her. She was a young woman, fresh out of college, whose father had had a tight-fisted control over her for the entirety of her life. She longed for a future filled with marriage and children, but had as of yet, found a man to complete the picture. So the story begins with a young, passionate, naive woman who is struggling between living within the tightly enforced reins of her father; and the life she desires.

My concept for Rush Drayton was of a man who played his hand close to the vest. He was a mysterious, wealthy man used to getting what he wanted out of life… used to controlling things in his life. When he is forced to work within confines he is uncomfortable with, he begins trying to manipulate that system. Rush had things from his past which dictated his actions and the actions of his family.

I wanted Trinity to be continually knocked off kilter and emotionally vulnerable. And while vulnerable, I wanted her to begin to resent her father’s control and refuse to be controlled anymore. And while there were numerous times it would have behooved her to take his protection, it wouldn’t have been a very good story if she had. I wanted Rush to begin with one mission in mind but to be drawn to Trinity and eventually forced to decide what was really important to him… the past, or a future with her.

I know many question why poor Trinity had to suffer so many things, and the answer is that she was being attacked by several different forces, all looking to inflict pain and fear. Being young and very shelter, she erroneously thought she could take care of herself, no matter what arose. Her naivety and innocence is what made the story so poignant.

Throughout the book, Rush struggled between his duty to his family and his growing attraction to Trinity. As most have found, it proved impossible for him to sit on the fence between those two things. And in the end, he was forced to choose. Choices and their consequences was an underlying theme throughout the Rush series.

Thank you, my fans, for making this series so successful. I hope you will continue on the Masters saga which focuses on Alex Masters, who was introduced in Rush of Innocence and became a major player in Rush of Redemption. Happy Reading!

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