New Release! Mastering the Devil


Mastering the Devil picks up five years after Master of the Game ended. It’d been five years since Alex had left not only Mexico, but his job with the CIA… and Devon.

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Wow! I can hardly believe summer is almost over! Where has the year gone? Kids heading back to school, and once again we are mumbling under our breaths when we are caught behind those yellow school buses.

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Blood Haze


Blood Haze is a story about Arabella Marks, who’d had a difficult past which surrounded her mother’s ability to see past and future events; a true seerer. For her and their family, it’d been a blessing and a curse!

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About… Rush of Innocence


Rush of Innocence is by far my best seller. My original concept for Rush came from the thought… what would make a person break the rules? What would cause a person to set aside their beliefs or principles?

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How I Get Ideas for My Stories


Sometimes, a story idea begins flitting around my mind because of nothing more than an unusual word, an unusual name, some off-hand comment, or something I’ve seen that strikes a chord within me for whatever reason.

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