• The Rush Series: Mastering the Devil - Part Four


    Alex Masters was the strong silent type. With his Nordic good looks, confidence, and Southern charm, women were never a problem for him... until he met her. Now, even five years later, the one woman he wanted, kept slipping through his fingers.
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  • Blood Haze

    But both Arabella and Lynx have secrets they desperately want to keep from each other - she has glimpses of past and future events… and he is a vampire.
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  • The Rush Series: Master of the Game – Part Three

    He was aggressive and obviously went for what he wanted, while she was hesitant and felt restrained. He felt safe… he made her feel secure… wanted in a world she didn’t feel particularly wanted in at the moment.
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  • The Rush Series: Rush of Redemption – Part Two

    In the startling conclusion of the Rush and Trinity saga, will they find the happiness they desire, or will mistrust shatter the promise of a happily ever after?
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"At first when I started to read the book, I thought it would be boring. But then I really got to all the twist and turns thus book had. This book is filled with action, love and the who done it factor. It keeps you on your toes... To tell you the truth I couldn't put the book down. I started reading it on Saturday morning and just finished it today! So I went and purchased part 2. GET THE BOOK YOU WILL NOT BE SORRY!!!! [ believe me I am a book worm, this will have you on the edge of your seat on how well written and the love scene OMG AMAZING] so what are you waiting for GET IT ALREADY!!!!!! :-)"

~ Amazon reviewer, Karina M, The Rush Series: Rush of Innocence – Part One

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New Release! Mastering the Devil

Mastering the Devil picks up five years after Master of the Game ended. It’d been five years since Alex had left not only Mexico, but his job with the CIA… and Devon.

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Wow! I can hardly believe summer is almost over! Where has the year gone? Kids heading back to school, and once again we are mumbling under our breaths when we are caught behind those yellow school buses.

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Blood Haze

Blood Haze is a story about Arabella Marks, who’d had a difficult past which surrounded her mother’s ability to see past and future events; a true seerer. For her and their family, it’d been a blessing and a curse!

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About… Rush of Innocence

Rush of Innocence is by far my best seller. My original concept for Rush came from the thought… what would make a person break the rules? What would cause a person to set aside their beliefs or principles?

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